Cybersecurity Musts for SMBs in 2022

Young businesswoman working on laptop

A business with 15 employees will undoubtedly have different IT needs than, say, a company with 1500 employees (that’s a whole lot of data). And as cybercrime continues to pose a threat, all businesses should now consider cybersecurity solutions as part of their unique set of IT needs.

So what are those must-haves for small and midsize business owners in 2022?

  1. Encryption for all devices and data storage
  2. Data loss prevention
  3. Data sharing security protocols
  4. Employee training for phishing awareness
  5. A data breach response plan in place
  6. Continuous monitoring of the company’s networks and systems by cybersecurity professionals, through staff augmentation or outsourcing

What responsibilities do my employees have?

It’s common for small and midsize businesses to let employees use their own devices on company networks, but this can create security problems if those devices don’t include encryption software. Otherwise, any data stored on them could be vulnerable to data breaches.

Employees will need to be trained about the security measures they need to take: first and foremost, enabling password protection on devices, but also avoiding storing sensitive files unencrypted.

As for those files that employees should store securely, it’s best practice to implement data loss prevention (DLP) mechanisms—even if your company only has a handful of employees. DLP can monitor who’s downloading information and flag it if sensitive data is downloaded by unauthorized parties.

SMBs should make sure their employees understand the potential consequences of failing to comply with company cybersecurity protocol or falling for phishing attacks by hackers. Not only could an unsuspecting employee open the door for malware into your network, they could also leak confidential data that you’d rather keep private.

Tools and cybersecurity solutions to consider

The most effective cybersecurity solutions are a combination of tools and protocols, including the latest threat intelligence. To help your business stay ahead of the curve in 2022, consider the following:

  • Staff augmentation
  • Outsourcing to a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

Both of these options will allow you to continue focusing on the business that you love while ensuring that your IT needs are met.

These approaches will also help you avoid the high costs of time and disruption involved if a company has to hire and train new staff due to an attack on its systems.

Bottom line

The only way to protect against cyberattacks is to make sure you’re prepared for the worst. Following the above recommendations is a great place to start, but it’s ultimately up to you and your staff to make sure that every measure possible is taken to prepare for—and survive—a data breach.

If you’re looking for more information on how to protect your SMB from cybersecurity threats in 2022, reach out to eMDTec. We have the experience and expertise to help you secure your company’s data and devices.