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eMDTec can help with just about any issue you have with eMDs Solution Series. We have over 15 years of experience dealing with eMDs and assisting clients to achieve their goals.

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Here are just a few areas we can help:

  • eMDs Clinical Data File Export
  • eMDs Custom Reports
  • eMDs Data Archiving
  • eMDs Database Security & Management
  • eMDs Data Conversion
  • eMDs Data Exports
  • eMDs Upgrades
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emdtec logo eMDs Solution Series Clinical Data File Export

Are you no longer using eMDs, but keeping the software running to look at charts and documents? eMDTec has developed a tool to mass export all visits, logs, and records into PDFs and drop them into individual patient folders. Once done, this is a great tool to import documents into your new EMR.

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emdtec logo eMDs Solution Series Data Archive

Every state has different laws on how long you must retain medical records and system audits. Keeping these systems up and running on the chance you might need a record in years to come is costly. That is why we have developed a method to archive your eMDs data in the cloud for the long term.  

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emdtec logo eMDs Database Security & Management

eMDTec can help you or your team optimize eMDs, and protect your network environment. We can work with your local IT Team or company to manage eMDs and provide accurate answers on what is wrong or your best plan forward.

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