Backup & Disaster Recovery

Losing customer, client, and/or business data can damage or end your company. The loss of data can stop all operations until it is recovered or recreated. Such a loss closes businesses for good, meaning that businesses must have a disaster recovery strategy that protects sensitive information and allows them to recover quickly and efficiently from an incident or disaster.

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Having your data backed up without the means to quickly restore puts you in the same position as not having your data. Quick recovery after an incident or disaster is crucial to restoring operations and cash flows for your business 

Backup and disaster recovery solutions help companies avoid significant data losses. A well-designed solution can have a company functional again within minutes rather than weeks or months, reducing the time that your business is not generating revenue. 

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emdtec logo What Are Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions?

Backup and disaster recovery solutions are services that make safe copies of critical data. When a disaster, cyber attack, or systems’ failure destroys the original copies of that data, the backup and disaster recovery solutions help companies restore that data and get back to work quickly.

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How BCDR Solutions Work

For our valued partners, data protected by compliance standards is critical to all business functions. Whether it be a physical disaster, for example, a flooded office, or a cyber-disaster such as a ransomware attack. Your company can follow this two-step process to recover.

Before disaster hits, use backup services to make copies of important data. Uploading data through cloud services will make digital copies of the data that you need to protect. That information is stored in protected facilities full of servers completely isolated away from your data. Even if the original files are ruined, your company still has a copy safe in another location.

After the damage has been assessed, important data that was lost can be recovered from the backups. If your office is inaccessible or destroyed, or systems have failed, eMDTec can then connect to the cloud and download copies of the backup data or even restore your systems and data into a cloud environment, while repairs are made to your building or infrastructure.

Businesses use systems like this to recover from problems often, allowing them to have all of the data back in minutes and their employees back to work generating income for the business.

emdtec logo Secure Data Backup

Keeping data secure is a vital part of a BCDR system. Choose a system that uses up-to-date encryption and security protocols. For medical facilities and other industries with specific regulations, choose a service provider that is familiar with different compliance standards. The right provider makes it possible to backup your data without creating potential security problems and privacy violations. We do secure data backups and data recovery solutions that ensure all sensitive and protected business data is secure from unauthorized third party access with effective endpoint device protection that meets compliance requirements. 

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How Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions Help Businesses

Every backup and disaster recovery program is different. The system eMDTec offers:

  • Secure and regulations-compliant backups
  • Automated data backups
  • Automated recovery and restore systems
  • Automated testing of system recovery
  • Restoration into a virtual cloud environment if physical assets or infrastructure are destroyed
  • Easy admin oversight of critical information backups
  • Offsite storage in multiple locations

When used properly, a backup and disaster recovery solution can mitigate risks to your business and ensure that you are back up and running without missing anything.

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The service provider that you choose determines how effective your disaster recovery plan is. Choose eMDTec for your BCDR solutions.

eMDTec provides secure backup and disaster recovery solutions for companies across New Jersey who need to secure critical business data. Schedule an appointment with eMDTec to secure your business against the next major disaster and data loss.

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