Compliance Solutions: HIPAA & HITECH

Compliance is a vital aspect of the healthcare industry. Your organization deserves an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider that maintains uncompromised transparency and accountability with HIPAA compliance, HITECH, and other regulations.

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As a healthcare business, compliance regulations such as HIPAA and HITECH build a high level of trust with patients and their loved ones. The HITECH act maintains healthcare practitioners’ meaningful use of electronic health records while HIPAA is a national standard protecting sensitive data. 

However, official guidelines can change in response to industry demands and technological trends. You need a reliable infrastructure as a service to keep up with the shifts and eliminate the risks of reputational damage. 

eMDTec is a leading IaaS consultant in the healthcare sector that provides the most reliable IT services that meet the latest industry compliance standards every time.

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emdtec logo Why Choose eMDTec for Your Business Compliance Consulting?

Our company started with creating standard IT solutions for small businesses when our founders discovered that the healthcare industry had a pressing need for technical support, assistance, and HIPAA compliance consulting. Since then, we have specialized in providing and developing solutions aligned with the efforts of healthcare providers. 

The eMDTec team’s specialized IaaS services include:

Expert Dedication

Our founders come from a background of firefighting and EMT, giving us firsthand experience on the urgency and importance of caring for communities, a quality that we integrate into our IaaS solutions.

Holistic Approach

We extend our IaaS solutions to all communication channels of your healthcare business, such as chat messaging, email, mobile EMR/EHR use, VOIP business telephony, and data backup/recovery. Our experienced HIPAA compliance consultants ensure that no spot goes unattended in compliance management.

FTC Safeguard Rules

Are you prepared for the new FTC Safeguard Rules? Download our free checklist to ensure you are secured.

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Our Seven Steps Toward Compliance

We follow a structured approach in helping healthcare businesses stay compliant with the latest governmental and industry regulations.

Schedule your IT action plan with eMDTec to gain peace of mind in compliance management with our HIPAA consulting services, giving you more time to invest in other aspects of running your business. 

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